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Nirmitii is a brand established for the love of womankind, the founder has brainstormed the brand’s working in a way that its products are not only designed for women but are also crafted by women, which is a rather interesting feature.

In its exemplary designing resides the benevolence of its founder. Each bangle is hand crafted and refined with 30 years of experience of craftsmen who are exemplary in their field. Ensuring that only the best piece adorns a woman.

It is not only the beauty that gives bangles its centuries old notability; it is also the mysterious ways in which it helps a woman’s body. There is science behind why it was introduced as a must-wear accessory for women. It is proven that constant movement of bangles against your wrist keeps your blood pressure in check, the noise that glass bangles create calms your mind, especially that of a mother and a new born child.

So there is beauty, music & calmness in every bangle you wear. And with us, you can benefit yourself with an extra layer of happiness, knowing that the bangle set you’re wearing is the reason why a family has food and basic necessities.

Shop with the privilege of making your own set of bangles, with the colours and choices you want, in the size and beauty you like, there are also some tailored sets – handpicked by our experts teaming the best with even better. Wear what your heart wants, and in return notice a few hearts smile.

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