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Bangles and Bollywood

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Bangles and Bollywood

Bangles and Bollywood Know more –

As far as you notice the Indian culture, women have been seen indulging in a lot of shringaar raas, which means adornment of self. a typical Indian woman has always been seen possessing an ineffable love for jewellery, especially bangles. Big or small, single or married, women have always been seen adorning their wrists with bangles.

Sanya Chhabda

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Despite the cultural diversity in India, each of the religion has some ardent relationship with bangles being a part of their existence. For instance the gold bangles in South India, the shell and red coral bangles in Bengal, he lac bangles in Bihar, the Ivory bangles in Gujarat and the beautiful chooda from Punjab, depict the resonance of bangles with culture.

Speaking of culture, another major influencing factor has been the Indian Cinema.Bollywood has always been adding to the obsession of females for jewellery.from mere haathon mei nau nau chooriyan to bole chooriyan, the portrayal of a beautiful Indian women includes  bangles and kangans as important elements.

Even the modern contemporary films are seen to depict the essence of bangles and charm bracelets. The charm bracelet scene from M.S.Dhoni exhibiting an intimacy of love between two people or Jacqueline singing colourful chudi pavaa de in Chittiyan Kalayian demonstrating the love for colourful bangles..

For Indian women, bangles are not just ornaments, but a part of their identity. It doesn’t depict their tradition or contemporary style, but adds on to the beauty of their womanhood.

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