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The modern woman: with a touch of tradition

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The modern woman: with a touch of tradition

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a picture of a friend on Instagram wearing big jhumkis on a sweatshirt. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. It was an odd combination, mostly because I hadn’t seen it before. Nevertheless, it reminded me how beauty was subjective and how something out of the box could please the eye so much.


Anmol is an MBA student with an unparalleled enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, business development and creative writing.

Indian women have been experimenting with tradition and culture for quite some time now. They are adopting customs in new and personal ways. They are setting new rules for themselves and changing societal norms unabashedly. The modern woman of today is juggling with many things simultaneously yet not forgetting her rootsam erat volutpat.

This evolution of Indian women has paved way to a new era. The bangles on her hands while she’s rocking a slim fit jeans is not only a style statement, but a loud and clear message that she is fit to make her own choices. The tank top on her dhoti isn’t only fashionable, but a sign that she dresses up for herself and not others.

Now while you ponder over your stance on the modern woman, watch her wear tradition like never before, because it’s the bounce in her hair, the story in her eyes, the beauty in her bindi and the music in her bangles.

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